How will this new invention get off the ground
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The precision parts produced by the workers in the Middle Franconia region of Germany have ensured that toolcraft has enjoyed an excellent reputation as an ideas generator and driver of new technology for many years. Ultimately, customers get everything they require from one single source: Complete solutions for an assembly as a "one-stop shop" across the entire process chain - from development right through to delivery of the finished product. What is important here, according to Christoph Hauck, is "to receive advice and a development service which is independent of any particular material or process. This is the only way that we can find the solution which is the best in functional terms and at the same time is most cost-effective." Embracing a wide range of different technologies, this produces parts and complex assemblies in steel, plastic, magnesium, aluminium, titanium, nickel-base alloys and more recently in monocrystalline superalloys which up until now were considered to be incapable of being machined.
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