China's Plastic Machinery Makers Head Abro
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While the market is still booming in China, the country's top plastics machinery makers are looking to expand outside their borders. And they're interested in more than just exports. In countries like Brazil, India and Russia, Chinese manufacturers see opportunity to open new manufacturing operations, grab market share and try their hand at globalizing. The advantages for those who manufacture in China are clear. Customers in developing markets are price conscious and Chinese manufacturers can offer machines at prices that often undercut their international rivals. Markets like India, however, have started to resist the inflow of machines from China, going so tar as to impose anti-dumping tariffs against Chinese-made presses in 2009. As a consequence, the past two years have seen an increasing number of Chinese-led joint ventures acquisitions and manufacturing facilities around the world. India is a big market and growing quickly," said Jason Chan, manager in Cosmos Machinery Ltd.'s marketing department. "We've just started there, but it's a great opportunity." Chan spoke. While Cosmos is still growing more than 15 percent a year with domestic sales taking the lion's share of their business, exports are an increasingly important part of their strategy. "South America South East Asia, India-these are all big markets that it makes sense to enter," Chan said. "The competition in these markets is not as tough as competition in China." Building an international presence can provide a boost in growth and added stability, said Richard Chen, the sales director of Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co Ltd. Although the China-based manufacturer is part of the international Demag Plastics Group, building exports has been a priority."Our target is to increase exports
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